If learning is meant to be active,  why are we still passive about it?


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ProDevo CEO, Renee Davis, MSN, RN, NPD-BC, is a Master's prepared, Registered Nurse, with experience that spans 18 years. In the early years of her Nursing career,  Renee worked in the clinical arena, primarily in Adult Med Surg, in addition to Home Care and Ambulatory, for 8 years, before moving to the Education space. She has worked extensively in education in both academia and professional development for the last 10 years and counting and absolutely loves it!  Her passion is in providing education and professional development that engages the learner and makes the experience more memorable and meaningful for everyone involved.  She has a strong appreciation for instructional design and uses the  Design Thinking framework as a guide for how she believes  we can better structure education for our learners in Nursing.  She also has a firm belief that if nurse learners-staff and students-are engaged in their education and professional development and Educators create a culture of continuous learning that is learner-centric, staff and students will be more engaged with their patient care, yielding decreases in error and increases in patient satisfaction. She is proficient in the use of a wide range of educational technology tools and software and is fluent in 3 learning management system platforms.  She is an adjunct online lecturer and faculty in academia as well as a published author, national and international public speaker. She has conducted multiple podium presentations on the need for increased utilization and integration of educational technology in all facets of Nursing Education and has completed consultation projects in her roles in both academia and professional development.  Other relevant experience includes:

  • Designed both online and Instructor led curricula for Nursing students (Nursing Informatics and Transition to Professional Practice)

  • Strategized, conceptualized, collaborated, and consulted with the College of Nursing and Public Health and their Faculty Instructional Design team at a private NY university, on the build out of an online resource for new and incumbentadjunct faculty

  • Designed and conducted multiple classes (with associated Continuing Education credit units) on Learner Engagement, complete with demonstrations and FREE resources

  • Collaborated and consulted with Nursing Education leadership on the build out and launch of annual mandatory education for nurses enterprise-wide for New York's largest healthcare system

  • Continuously conducts numerous national presentations and webinars on Learner Engagement and the integration of educational technology and design thinking principles. Most notable presentations include:

    • 2018 Association for Nursing Professional Development Annual Convention, Lake Buena Vista, FL: 400+ attendees, standing room only. Recorded version available at ANPD.org

    • 2018 Nurse CEO Summit-Atlanta, GA: 30+ attendees

    • 2019 NLN Summit, National Harbor, MD-September 26-28, 2019-Concurrent Session 3C: "Educate, Innovate, Engage: Purposeful Integration of Educational Technology to Enhance Learner Engagement": 100+ attendees

    • 2019 PNEG Conference in conjunction with Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio-October 3-6, 2019-"Engaging Today's Nurse Learner: Integrating Innovative Educational Technology Design Strategies to Foster Improved Learner Engagement": 40+ attendees

    • 2020 ANPD/Lippincott Webinar Series: "Engaging Today's Learners with Educational Technology"-July 15, 2020

    • 2020 Sigma Theta Tau 31st Annual Virtual Nursing Research Congress: "Transformative Nursing Education: Innovative Educational Technology Tools to Foster Collaboration and Enhanced Learner Engagement"-July 23, 2020

Full CV available on LinkedIn page.

Stay Tuned! Podcasts , eBooks and more are underway and will be available soon!

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