From navigation to integration…I take you through a step by step process on how and what ed tech platforms to use for the desired content and outcome. It all starts with the conversation. We make a connection, where you describe to me what you are trying to accomplish, what your objectives are for your learners and from there we decide on the type of platform, how to navigate it, leading up to integration into your course design & content delivery methodologies.

Training and Workshops*

  • Easy to use and understand tips and design concepts for Educators to replicate in a variety of learner settings


  • Demonstrations of FREE educational technology tools perfect for today's modern learner

  • Continue discussion of scope of intended projects and how to get started with design and tech implementation


*Workshops can be tailored to meet your department and/or organizational needs-they can be 1/2 day, full day, multiple days, web-based etc.

Now offering fully remote, virtual ed tech coaching & consulting sessions! For more information, click on the Virtual Ed Tech Consultations tab under Our Services!