New Year...New Trends-Part 1

Hi everyone and Happy New Year to you all! Hope you had a fantastic holiday season! The ProDevo blog is back from a small holiday break and I wanted to share new education trends for 2020. Moving forward, for the life of ProDevo, I will be sharing new tips and trends as I see them. Yes, I follow trends, especially those occurring in Education because I think it is important to try to be as fresh and updated as we can be, for the sake of our students. These trends give us some insight as to how we can sharpen our saw as Educators, especially in Nursing. If we think healthcare is changing rapidly, our classrooms, orientation and onboarding settings need to get with the program! The priority for any and all of these trends would be the success of the learner and their ability to retain information.


Personalized, learner-centric experiences:

If you follow me or have read articles I've written, learner-centric is my go-to phrase for anything education related. We need to increase our learners accountability and one of the ways we can do this is via personalized, learning experiences that puts the learner in the drivers seat. Technology will need to be integrated for this to take place effectively, as not everything can be done in-person. Technology will help Educators by engaging in blended learning, collaborative, interactive activities, gamification, use of video, etc.

Faculty roles will be changing:

For those Nurse Educators in academia, our roles will start to see some transformation. Given the technology explosion we are seeing in our classrooms, we will need to be students again. Students in the form of not just learning what our students are using to learn and process information, but how those tools can be integrated into your curriculum design and lesson plan. Institutions will need to begin or continue investing in faculty to support them on their path to better learner engagement, by providing them with the tools and training (consultations even) to support the need for this skill set. To get to this point though, much of this is a mindset reset or adjustment. There are still Educators, especially in Nursing Education, that ask students to refrain from using their mobile devices or technology in the classroom. I have always been an advocate for the reverse--take out the phones and the ipads and lets use them for a purpose!! Integrate them because the technology isn't going anywhere.

Diversifying how we deliver our content and accessibility:

The newer generations we are seeing in our classrooms, both in Nursing schools and in practice, have not known a life without smartphones. This should be of no surprise. Banning these devices are proving to be counterproductive and will decrease engagement, especially among those with disabilities that rely on technology to get them through their day. Institutions should make it an expectation of their professors that tech tools will be integrated in the classroom. In this way, we as Educators are seeing that this an obligation, especially in our schools of Nursing. Think about it...we are churning out future nurses whom we hope and pray were awake, focused and retained the information we provided to them because they need to now translate that information into practice--yet we are still seeing that gap between theory and practice play out, much of it being due to how we are delivering our content. Are we making it accessible to our remote learners? Are we trying to use tools such as podcasting and video to reach our distant audiences, as it pertains to our online instructors? Are we making our content more meaningful for it to be applied to life after school and in the trenches? As nurses, we know that Nursing is an applied science. With so many ways to access and take in information, we can no longer rely on rote memorization. We need to invest in ways that can allow for interactivity, integration of multimedia, etc.

Data--its all about the data:

At the end of the day, outcomes and data reign supreme. In order to understand the outcomes, we need data in our lives. Nurses in Education should know a lot about the importance of looking at the outcomes to tailor our teaching. We need data to improve on learner outcomes. We can get data from formative assessments that are provided in the form of online gaming, polling and other tech tools that provide real-time feedback on the progress of the learning.


The time is now! We are in the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, as designated by the World Health Organization. Nurse Educators, we need to show up more and show how we can change and accept the changes we are being hit with daily. Changing nurse learners, changing protocols, changing learning styles and preferences. We are inherently creative so lets take what we have and use it to move towards innovative, technological approaches in our educational offerings.

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In Part 2, I will be discussing specific Ed Tech trends that we are seeing for 2020 and how you can leverage these tools and strategies for to optimize learner engagement.

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