Alternative education delivery options in the wake of Coronavirus

Before we delve into this very brief blog, just to manage my readers expectations, I have no intention of going into specifics about this current virus that is plaguing many parts of the world, there are more than enough clinical articles out there that are covering corona virus from that perspective. I am, however, acknowledging the latest reports from the CDC, stating that once this virus begins to impact our country, in a serious way, we will see "severe disruption". There has been mention of the potential for schools closing or moving to an online format almost immediately. Alternative work options such as working from home for those who can.

Have Nurse Educators thought of other possible options in the event that your classes may need to be cancelled? Are you prepared for moving content online if this is not something you typically do?

Some creative options I figured I would share:

  • Voicethread--Voicethread is a great alternative to use in the event of school closures. The beat can go on as usual without even skipping a beat! Voicethread is a tool where the learner can interact with media of various types-video, slide presentations etc. Its great for group projects as well!

  • Podcasting--I am really getting into the endless possibilities that podcasting has to offer. Not only is this engaging but can definitely be accessed on the go if your learner cannot be on site. You as the Educator can create a podcast for the learner to listen to and answer questions at the end perhaps or the students can create a podcast discussing the assigned topic.

  • Social media--Almost all of your nurse learners are or have access to some type of social media platform. Create a group for them to join where the topics can be discussed and information can be shared. Collaborative learning is also taking place using this medium.

  • Elearning--This option will always be around but make it interactive-throw in some knowledge check questions in between the content so that it is not saved up for the inevitable post test.

  • Interactive video--platforms like TED-Ed are great for this! TED-Ed, from the folks that create TED Talks, is a web-based platform where you can either create a video (seems like YouTube is preferred) or use one of the videos they have in their enormous library if it fits your topic, and create questions for the learner to answer, multiple choice, true-false or otherwise and you can even create a space for them to discuss with other learners.

I'm sure there are so many other options I am missing but the point is, the potential for schools having to be closed should not deter Nurse Educators--if anything it should give us the opportunity to try something a little different...thinking differently...and who knows, perhaps one of these alternative content delivery options can work out as something used in regular rotation!

Feel free to contact me to discuss how I can help you and/or your Educators come up with creative, alternative education plans for your nurse learners.