Accepting the new normal

As I sit here stationed at home, approaching week 4 of the NYS shut down, listening to multiple ambulances daily, being slightly anxious to head to the grocery store, I am realizing that this is life...for now. Had it not been for a solid background as a Nurse Educator, I am not sure how I would have survived thus far with homeschooling my 3 kids, ages 11, 9 and 7. At times it gets frustrating but I am also realizing that positive is coming out of all of this. Businesses are starting to take a second look at processes and realizing that technology can actually offer a way to do things differently. Schools are finally looking at things...differently....

As I continue to cross out previously scheduled events in my calendar- speaking engagements, workshops, etc, I finally realized that life has truly changed. I can't help but think that we were all placed on this pause (so to speak) for a reason-and no, this is not a conspiracy theory I am thinking of-but part of the reason (I believe) is to make us realize that we can do better. In education, in business, with family, we can do better. We know that after this, life as we once knew it, will never be the same. So, what do we do with the 'new normal'? Do we accept it and make the necessary changes to think and do differently? Do better than what we did pre-COVID 19? Especially since we have the infrastructure to do so...or do we push against it and try with every fiber in our bean to get back to how things used to be? The answer for me is clear...Speaking for myself, I need to make more moves in a forward thinking direction and I plan to do so as I offer my consulting services to those schools of Nursing who are ready to work on bringing their programs to be in line with our 'new normal'.