Speaking Engagements

Another highlight of the services provided, speaking engagements can be customized to suit desired needs and goals of the target audience.

  • Cater to a variety of audiences

    • Conferences-keynotes or concurrent/break-out sessions

    • Small group workshops/classes

    • Panel presentations

    • Community organizations

  • Available for in-person, live webcasts or webinar speaking platforms

  • Academia or practice setting

  • Topics of Interest (for workshops or presentations) include (but not limited to:

    • Enhancing Learner Engagement

    • Optimization & Increased Integration of Education Technology in Nursing Education

    • Teaching & Learning for the Generations: Understanding the current generation mix in Nursing and how to engage them all

    • Mobile and Microlearning

    • Faculty and Practitioner Development

    • LinkedIn-it's relevance to our Nursing Profession and more

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